NGL Pipelines

Enterprise owns interests in 16,730 miles of NGL pipelines. These NGL pipelines transport mixed NGLs and other hydrocarbons from natural gas processing facilities, refineries and import terminals to fractionation plants, petrochemical plants, export facilities and refineries; and deliver propane to customers along the Dixie pipeline and certain sections of the Mid-America and TE Products Pipeline systems. Our pipelines provide transportation services to customers on a fee basis; therefore, the gross operating margin for this business is generally dependent upon the volume of product transported and the level of fees charged to customers. Typically, our pipeline customers retain title to the products transported by our NGL pipelines and the associated commodity price risk.

Recent Developments

  • Aegis Pipeline - new 270-mile pipeline header system that will deliver ethane to petrochemical plants in the U.S. Gulf Coast region.  Expected to begin commercial operations in 2014 - 2015.
  • ATEX Express - 1,230-mile pipeline that will transport growing ethane production from the Marcellus and Utica Shale producing areas of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to the U.S. Gulf Coast. Now in service.
  • Front Range - (joint venture along with WGR Asset Holding Company LLC and DCP Midstream) 435-mile pipeline with connections to our Mid-America Pipeline System and the Texas Express Pipeline, will provide producers in the DJ Basin with access to the Gulf Coast. Now in service.
  • Texas Express Pipeline – (joint venture along with Enbridge, Anadarko and DCP midstream) 580-mile pipeline and affiliated NGL gathering systems. Now in service.
  • Mid-America Pipeline System (Rocky Mountain Segment) Expansion - looping existing system with approximately 265-miles of 16 inch diameter pipeline. Now in service.

The following table summarizes the significant NGL pipelines assets of our NGL Pipelines & Services business segment

Facility Ownership Interest Miles Operator Function
Mid-America Pipeline System(1) 100.00% 7,840 Enterprise Transports mixed NGLs produced from natural gas processing plants in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico to the Seminole pipeline in West Texas.
South Texas NGL Pipeline System 100.00% 1,598 Enterprise Gathers and transports mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants in South Texas owned by us and our third party customers to our South Texas NGL fractionators, including those at our Mont Belvieu complex.
Seminole Pipeline(1) 100.0% 1,373 Enterprise Transports NGLs from the Hobbs hub and the Permian Basin area of West Texas to markets in southeast Texas including our fractionation facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  NGLs originating on the Mid-America Pipeline System are the primary source of throughput for this pipeline.
Dixie Pipeline(1) 100.00% 1,306 Enterprise Transports propane from fractionators and refineries in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi to customers throughout the Southeast. 
Chaparral NGL System(1) 100.00% 1,011 Enterprise Transports NGLs from natural gas processing facilities in West Texas and New Mexico to Mont Belvieu, Texas.
Louisiana Pipeline System 100.00% 955 Enterprise Gathering and transportation pipelines that deliver mixed NGLs originating in Louisiana and Texas to refineries and petrochemical companies located along the Mississippi River corridor to southern Louisiana.
Skelly-Belvieu Pipeline(3) 50.0%(2) 572 Enterprise Transports mixed NGLs from Skellytown, Texas to Mont Belvieu, Texas.
Promix NGL Gathering System 50.0%(4) 360 Enterprise Gathers mixed NGLs from natural gas processing plants in southern Louisiana for delivery to our Promix NGL fractionator. 
Houston Ship Channel Pipeline System 100.00% 300 Enterprise Connects our Mont Belvieu, Texas facilities with our Houston Ship Channel import/export terminals and various third-party petrochemical plants, refineries and other pipelines located along the Houston Ship Channel.
Rio Grande Pipeline(3) 70.0%(5) 249 Enterprise Transports mixed NGLs to a pipeline interconnect at the Mexican border south of El Paso, Texas.
Panola Pipeline 100.00% 223 Enterprise Transports mixed NGLs from northeast Texas near Carthage in Panola County to Mont Belvieu, Texas.
Lou-Tex NGL Pipeline(3) 100.00% 204 Enterprise Transports NGL products and refinery grade propylene between Louisiana and Texas markets.
Others (8 systems) (3,7) Various(6,8) 739 Various Transports NGLs in the Gulf Coast.
Total Capacity 16,370
  1. Interstate and intrastate transportation services provided by these liquids pipelines are regulated by governmental agencies.
  2. Our ownership interest in the Skelly-Belvieu Pipeline is held indirectly through our equity method investment in Skelly-Belvieu Pipeline Company, L.L.C. ("Skelly-Belvieu").
  3. Interstate transportation services provided by these liquids pipelines are regulated by governmental agencies.
  4. Our ownership interest in the Promix NGL Gathering System is held indirectly through our equity method investment in K/D/S Promix, L.L.C. ("Promix").
  5. We own a 70% consolidated interest in the Rio Grande Pipeline through our majority owned subsidiary, Rio Grande Pipeline Company.
  6. We own an 83.3% consolidated interest in the Tri-States NGL Pipeline through our majority owned subsidiary, Tri-States NGL Pipeline, L.L.C.
  7. Includes our Tri-State, Chunchula, Belle Rose and Wilprise pipelines located in the coastal regions of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi; South Dean and Port Arthur pipelines located in southeast Texas; and our Meeker pipeline in Colorado.
  8. We own a 74.7% consolidated interest in the 30-mile Wilprise pipeline through our majority owned subsidiary, Wilprise Pipeline Company, LLC. We proportionately consolidate our 50% undivided interest in a 45-mile segment of the Port Arthur pipelines. The remainder of these NGL pipelines are wholly owned.

For more information on the assets, please refer to the most recent Form 10k or Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other SEC filings.