Onshore Natural Gas Pipelines and Services

Our Onshore Natural Gas Pipelines & Services business segment includes approximately 19,500 miles of onshore natural gas pipeline systems that provide for the gathering and transportation of natural gas in Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming. We lease underground salt dome natural gas storage facilities located in Texas and Louisiana and own an underground salt dome storage cavern in Texas, all of which are important to our natural gas pipeline operations.

Our onshore natural gas pipelines receive natural gas from producers, other pipelines or shippers at the wellhead or through system interconnects and redeliver the natural gas to processing facilities, local gas distributors, industrial or municipal customers, storage facilities or to other onshore pipelines.  

This segment also includes our related natural gas marketing activities which generate revenues from the sale and delivery of natural gas to local distribution companies, end-users and others purchased from producers, regional natural gas processing plants and the open market.

Recent Developments

  • Stateline Gathering system capacity expansion expected to be complete by third quarter 2014.

Asset Descriptions

Onshore Natural Gas Pipelines
Facility Ownership Interest Lenth (Miles) Usable
Operator Function
Texas Intrastate System



12.9 Enterprise

Intrastate pipeline system that gathers and transports natural gas from supply basins in Texas and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico for delivery to local gas distribution companies and electric generation and industrial customers.

Acadian Gas System



1.3 Enterprise

Transports natural gas from onshore developments and, through connections with offshore pipelines, Gulf of Mexico production to local gas distribution companies, electric generation and industrial customers, including those in the Baton Rouge-New Orleans-Mississippi River corridor. Includes Haynesville Extension Pipelines. 

Jonah Gas Gathering System





Gathers natural gas from the Jonah and Pinedale fields in Wyoming for delivery to regional natural gas processing plants, including our Pioneer facility, and major interstate pipelines.

San Juan Gathering System





Extensive natural gas gathering system serving producers in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico. It delivers production to the Chaco and San Juan natural gas processing facilities, with natural gas ultimately delivered into El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline. It delivers NGL to Mid-America NGL Pipeline and Wingate.

Piceance Basin Gathering System





Gathers natural gas from wells in the Piceance Basin located in Colorado.

White River Hub





Provides natural gas transportation and hub services in northwest Colorado.

Haynesville Gathering Systems

100% 320



Gathers natural gas produced from the Haynesville and Bossier Shale supply basins and the Cotton Valley and Taylor Sand formations in Louisiana and eastern Texas for delivery to several downstream markets including the Haynesville Extension of our Acadian Gas System.

Fairplay Gathering System





Gathers natural gas produced from the Haynesville/Bossier Shales and Cotton Valley and Taylor Sand formation in Louisiana and eastern Texas.

Carlsbad Gathering System





Gathers natural gas from wells in the Permian Basin region of Texas and New Mexico and delivers natural gas into the El Paso Natural Gas, Transwestern and Oasis pipelines.

Other (4 systems)

Various (6,7)




A system of four pipeline systems located in Texas that gather area production and are integral components of our natural gas storage operations.






  1. Intrastate and interstate-sourced volumes transported by these systems are regulated by governmental agencies.
  2. Of the 8,459 miles comprising the Texas Intrastate System, we lease 265 miles from a third party. We proportionately consolidate our undivided interests, which range from 22% to 80%, in 1,262 miles of pipeline. Our Wilson natural gas storage facility consists of five underground salt dome natural gas storage caverns with 12.9 Bcf of usable storage capacity, four of which (comprising 6.9 Bcf of usable capacity) are held under an operating lease that expires in January 2028. The remainder of our Texas Intrastate System is wholly owned.
  3. The Acadian Gas System is wholly owned except for an underground salt dome natural gas storage facility that we hold under an operating lease that expires in December 2018.
  4. Interstate volumes at this facility are regulated by governmental agencies.
  5. Our ownership interest in the White River Hub facility is held indirectly through our equity method investment in White River Hub, LLC ("White River Hub").
  6. We proportionately consolidate our undivided interest in the Indian Springs Gathering System.
  7. Intrastate volumes transported by this pipeline are regulated by governmental agencies.
  8. Other systems consists of: Indian Springs Gathering System, Delmita Gathering System, South Texas Gathering System, and Big Thicket Gathering System

For more information on the assets, please refer to the most recent Form 10k or Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other SEC filings.