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  • Our propylene facilities and related operations consist of seven propylene fractionation plants, a PDH unit, pipeline systems aggregating approximately 800 miles in length, and related petrochemical marketing activities. This business includes an export facility and associated above-ground polymer grade propylene storage spheres located in Seabrook, Texas.

    In general, propylene fractionation plants separate refinery grade propylene (a mixture of propane and propylene) into either polymer grade or chemical grade propylene along with by-products of propane and mixed butane. Polymer grade and chemical grade propylene can also be produced as a by-product of ethylene production. The demand for polymer grade propylene primarily relates to the manufacture of polypropylene, which has a variety of end uses, including film packaging, fiber for carpets and upholstery and molded plastic parts for appliance, automotive, house ware and medical products. Chemical grade propylene is a basic petrochemical used in the manufacturing of plastics, synthetic fibers and foams.

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    Description of Asset Ownership Interest Total Plant Capacity (MBPD) Length (Miles)
    Propylene Facilities
    Mont Belvieu Propylene Fractionation (six units) Various(1) 93  
    BRPC Propylene Fractionation 30% (2) 23  
    Mont Belvieu Propane Dehydrogenation ("PDH") Facility 100% 25
    Total Capacity   141
    Petrochemical Pipelines
    Lou-Tex and Sabine Propylene(TX & LA) 100%   263
    Texas City RGP Gathering System (TX) 100%   157
    North Dean Pipeline System (TX) 100%   157
    Propylene Splitter PGP Distribution system 100%   92
    Louisiana RGP Gathering System 100% 63
    Lake Charles PGP Pipeline 50% (3)   27
    La Porte PGP Pipeline 80% (4)   20
    Sabine Pipeline 100%   15
    Total miles 794
    1. Enterprise owns a 66.7% interest in three of the units which have an aggregate of 38 MBPD of total plant capacity. We own 100% of the remaining three units.
    2. Our interest in this facility is held indirectly through our equity method investment in Baton Rouge Propylene Concentrator LLC ("BRPC").
    3. We proportionately consolidate our undivided interest in the Lake Charles PGP Pipeline.
    4. We own interest through our equity method investments in LaPorte Pipeline Company LP and LaPorte Pipeline GP, LLC

    For more information on the assets, please refer to the most recent Form 10-K or Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other SEC filings.

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