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  • Our refined products pipelines and related activities consist primarily of a regulated products pipeline system and related terminal operations (the "Products Pipeline System") that generally extends in a northeasterly direction from the upper Texas Gulf Coast to the northeast United States; and, a 50% joint venture interest in Centennial Pipeline, which owns a 795-mile refined products pipeline system that extends from the upper Texas Gulf Coast to central Illinois.

    Our refined products pipelines and related activities include six refined products truck terminals located along the Products Pipeline System. In addition, we have refined products truck terminals located at Aberdeen, Mississippi and Boligee, Alabama adjacent to the Tombigbee River. Our refined products marketing activities generate revenues from the sale and delivery of refined products obtained on the open market.

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    Asset Descriptions

    Refined products pipelines
    Description of Asset Ownership Interest Location Length (Miles) Useable Storage Capacity (MMBbls)
    Products Pipeline System 100% (1) Texas to Midwest and Northeast U.S. 3,423 19.1
    Centennial Pipeline 50% (2) Texas to Central Illinois 795 1.2
    River Terminals 100% (3) Alabama, Mississippi n/a 0.0
    Total     4,218 20.3
    1. In addition to the 19.1 MMBbls of refined products working storage capacity, we have 3.7 MMBbls of NGL working storage capacity that is used to support operations on our Products Pipeline System.
    2. Our ownership interest in this pipeline is held indirectly through our equity method investment in Centennial.
    3. Includes product distribution and marketing terminals located in Aberdeen, Mississippi and Boligee, Alabama, and storage terminals located in Pasadena, Texas.

    For more information on the assets, please refer to the most recent Form 10-K or Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other SEC filings.

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