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  • Safety, Environmental & Social Responsibility
  • Safety, Environmental & Social Responsibility

    Enterprise's contributions since it was founded in 1968 have been instrumental in developing domestic reserves, promoting energy security for the United States, and driving economic growth. In the process, Enterprise has distinguished itself within the midstream industry through innovative and creative solutions which provide flow assurance and market access for our customers. As Enterprise continues to grow, we remain squarely focused on three foundational areas that reflect our commitment to being a safe and reliable operator: 1) safety and environmental protection; 2) productive engagement with the community and other stakeholders; and 3) capable and well-trained personnel with access to the resources necessary to perform their jobs effectively. We realize our ability to continue being a leading energy company will be based on how well we engage on issues related to these priorities, and how successful we are at integrating them into our business strategy and operations. Click here to learn more about Enterprise Products.


    Safety & Environmental Protection

    We believe the essence of being a good member of the community is our ability to deliver energy to meet the needs of our stakeholders safely, reliably and affordably while protecting our people, the community and the environment. Delivering on these expectations is not negotiable. Through numerous environment, health and safety (EHS) initiatives executed across our company, we strive for zero-incident EHS performance.

    We also believe we have one of the most comprehensive approaches in our industry to deploying new management systems and technologies for reducing risk and protecting the safety of our affiliate's employees and contractors, as well as the communities and environments in which we operate. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to maintaining the fitness and reliability of our systems through programs focused on leak prevention and emergency response.

    Our executive management is actively engaged in safety and environmental stewardship through weekly reviews by our of safety and pipeline integrity performance. The board of directors of our general partner is engaged through our Governance Committee which was established to assist oversight of Enterprise's environmental, transportation compliance, health and safety policies, procedures, programs and initiatives, and other related matters.

    • Click here to learn more about our Safety Programs
    • Click here to learn more about our Environmental Stewardship

    Stakeholder & Community Engagement

    The long-life and linear nature of much of our infrastructure requires that we create permanent relationships with the landowners with whom we negotiate and the communities in which our assets reside.  Accordingly, we engage early, mindfully and regularly with landowners, local communities, legislators and regulators on our projects and operations to obtain and respond to their input.

    Our People

    Our company’s success is dependent upon the success of our affiliate's employees, Enterprise’s greatest resource. The Enterprise culture promotes creativity, innovation and teamwork, all of which are key to making Enterprise a long-term, viable company. Dan Duncan, our late chairman and co-founder of Enterprise, believed “The way we do business is as important as the business we do.” We are confident the initiatives detailed in this section of our website, backed by our dedicated work force, reflect this philosophy in action and illustrate Enterprise’s commitment to provide the highest quality service, protecting the safety and health of our affiliate's employees, contractors and communities, and fostering environmental responsibility.

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