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  • Public Awareness / Pipeline Safety


    For other inquiries, call 888-806-8152

    • Enterprise distributes brochures which contain pipeline safety messages to 2.5 million stakeholders each year who live and work near our pipelines.
    • Meetings with Emergency Responders and Excavators take place annually in counties located in all 27 states where Enterprise pipelines traverse.
    Public awareness and pipeline safety are paramount to the safe operation of our pipelines. Enterprise participates in numerous outreach efforts targeted at various stakeholder audiences to increase awareness about the importance of the, “811…Call Before You Dig” message, including our participation in collaborative sponsorships through the Common Ground Alliance.  Below are some of the areas where our efforts take place to help us achieve this goal.

    Example Areas of our Efforts

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    Stakeholder Education

    Pipeline Viewer

    Collaborative Sponsorships

    Interesting Facts

    Keeping our Pipelines Safe

    Emergency Responder Education

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